Workshops at the Ethical and Solidarity Finance Forum in Portugal – EaSI TA for Microfinance

The European Commission offers three EaSI Technical Assistance workshops during the fourth edition of the Ethical and Solidarity Finance Forum on 7-8 November 2019.

The Forum will take place in Ponta Delgada, on the São Miguel Island in the Azores, on the premises of the Regional Laboratory of Civil Engineering.

The EaSI Technical Assistance for Microfinance workshops will focus on raising awareness of the ethical and solidarity financing environment and main gaps in Portugal, by drawing comparison to other markets in Europe.

The first EaSI Technical Assistance workshop will take place on 7 November and it will focus on microfinance and ethical banking best practises from both European and Portuguese perspectives.

On 8 November, there will be two EaSI Technical Assistance events:

  • the first workshop in the morning will focus on “The Digital World of Microfinance in Europe”
  • the second will be an interactive session discussing “Current Challenges to Microfinance in Portugal”

The organisers of the Solidary Finance Forum expect a high level of interest and participation with 200 to 300 people from Portugal and other European states attending the three-day event.


To attend the EaSI Technical Assistance workshops or any other sessions during the Forum, interested participants should register here.

For more information about the overall conference, speakers or the EaSI Technical Assistance workshops, please visit the official event page or contact by email.