Working Group in Albania : Microfinance of Tomorrow, Digitalization of MFI’s

The Albanian Microfinance Association, in cooperation with Microfinance Center and under the support of European Commission, and in the framework of the project “EU-level NGOs networks active in the promotion of social inclusion and poverty reduction or microfinance and social enterprise finance”, is planning to organize during the last quarter of 2019 a series of working group meetings on the national level with the main topic: “MICROFINANCE OF TOMORROW, Digitalization of MFI-s”.

The meetings will be organized around three main areas of digitalization:

  • Legal and Compliance framework,
  • IT and Operational framework and
  • Business Development framework.

The working group meetings will be held with the participation of various stakeholders at this very important process, such as representatives of microfinance institutions, legislatory and regulatory authorities, National Agency for Information Society, Information and Data Protection Commissioner, local companies providing technological services in the Country, etc.

The objective of these meetings is to set the path and build a strategy towards full digitalization process for institutions offering microfinance products and services in Albania, by identifying main barriers and providing workaround solutions for overcoming them, with a view of an enhanced innovative services to be offered to the Albanian customer.

This communication activity has received financial support from the European Union
Programme for Employment and Social Innovation “EaSI” (2014-2020).
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