The Tech-and-Touch Mix in Microfinance

This case study reviews how European MFIs incorporate high-tech solutions with the traditional high-touch personal approach to providing microfinance services and discusses the emergent models that MFIs are applying to combine these two approaches.

Unlike FinTechs, MFIs retain the personal touch as a distinctive feature and a unique sales proposition of microfinance but there are differences as to when and how the personal touch is used, and the degree of personalization of services throughout the customer journey. While retaining the personal high-touch approach has merits, MFIs could expand the notion of high-touch beyond the traditional face-to-face interaction between a client and a loan officer, and better leverage customer data to offer personal touch at the points of the customer journey where they are most needed by the clients and bring the highest value to an MFI.


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Publisher: Microfinance Centre

Author: Piotr Koryński

Year: 2018