Testing Prototypes of the Financial Health Digital Tool

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The Microfinance Centre has launched the next phase of our Building Financial Capabilities and Strengthening Institutions through Customer-centered Innovations project.

At the end of June 2019, the project team (MFC staff and the staff of our partner Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion ) tested the first prototypes of the Financial Health Digital Tool—interviewing eight beneficiaries of Fundacja Innowacja i Wiedza (a project partner in Poland). We followed this up with similar interviews with eight clients of Opportunity Bank Serbia, an MFC member.

The testing provided valuable insights into the types of nudges preferred by clients to influence improved financial behaviour. Of the five prototypes tested, the two that clients preferred most were flagged for further development. Test results will be shared with our MFI project advisory group. Both teams will continue to work on further developing the prototypes, with an eye towards approaching phase of the Tool programming.