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Exploring the Relationship between Fintech and Financial Inclusion at the MFC Annual Conference 2019

When the first Fintechs appeared, experts predicted they would usurp mainstream finance—later scaling back their predictions to mere ‘disruption’. The increasingly dominant view, however, is that while Fintechs will catalyse advances in the finance industry as a whole, they are likely to do so as collaborators with astute incumbents, rather than direct competitors. The landscape of future collaboration between Fintechs ...

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What Makes a Fintech Inclusive? – Webinar Video

Co-hosted by MIX and FinDev Gateway, this webinar aims to provide clarity into inclusive fintech and, specifically, how to determine what makes a fintech “inclusive.” Bringing together diverse perspectives from government, think tanks, and practitioners, the webinar will highlight new frameworks that can help investors, policy makers and others to better understand, assess, and navigate the inclusive fintech space. Download webinar ...

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How Financial Institutions and Fintechs Are Partnering for Inclusion: Lessons from the Frontlines

Contrary to the popular narrative, financial institutions view fintechs as partners in innovation, not threats to their core business. By offering better, less expensive, and more innovative products, financial institutions can assert their continued relevance as customer-facing institutions with help from fintech partnerships. Publisher: The Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion (CFI) Authors: Sonja E. Kelly, Allyse McGrath, Dennis Ferenzy Year: 2017 Download “How ...

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