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Client Protection

The industry’s growing concern around client protection is an effort to ensure fair, responsible and transparent services for clients. MFC primarily goal is to be industry leaders in good practice microfinance and promote and implement Consumer Protection Standards. We want to be a network of members who are fully compliant with Client Protection Standards. Therefore we encourage our members: MFI, ...

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Social Performance Management (SPM)

Established in 1999, our global SPM program works with networks and MFIs on assessment and capacity building projects in order to develop systems and improve practice towards strengthening the double-bottom line of microfinance Our SPM work includes: The Social Performance (SP) Fund The Social Performance (SP) Fund develops the capacity of 52 microfinance networks to work with their members on ...

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MFC connects microfinance providers with regulated insurance companies to improve and expand clients’ access to quality microinsurance products The three-year “Facilitating Widespread Access to Microinsurance Services” collaboration between MFC, the MicroInsurance Centre and Microfinance Opportunities worked in Armenia and Vietnam to combine microinsurance product development with client education. The goal of the project was ensure that microinsurance worked both for clients ...

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