SPTF Spotlight: Implementation Guide 2.0 is available!

Last month, SPTF released an updated version of the Universal Standards Implementation Guide — the “one-stop” resource that provides practical, actionable guidance for improving social performance management (SPM). This Spotlight will provide an overview of the resources in the Guide and how to use it.

What is the Implementation Guide?

The Universal Standards for SPM describes best practices for social performance management. Financial service providers, funders, and others can use the Universal Standards to understand and speak the same language about SPM.

Providers who are ready to put the Universal Standards into practice can use the Universal Standards Implementation Guide to find detailed guidance on each of the standardsThe Guide is an extensive, easy-to-read reference document that contains:

  • A five-step process for getting started with SPM.
  • Practical, how-to guidance on every aspect of SPM.
  • Over 50 field examples that show how providers and funders practice SPM.
  • Links to more than 100 case studies, guides, and templates.

What’s new in the updated version?

The updated Guide reflects the updates to Universal Standards 2.0, and it provides dozens of new field examples and links to tools and resources.

Where can I download it?

The Guide 2.0 is available in English and French on SPTF’s website. The updated version for Spanish will be coming soon.

Source: www.sptf.info