Social Performance Fund: 3rd Round Infographic Summary

The Social Performance Fund, managed by Microfinance Centre, promotes the broad adoption of the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management. Today we are pleased to announce the results of the third round of SP Fund, focused on:

  • promoting the SPI4 as a data collection and performance management tool among MFIs, networks and investors;
  • supporting MFIs to fully integrate Social Performance Management into their operations, by promoting useful technical resources and sharing practical experience.

Through 2,5 years, we managed in cooperation with CERISE, to build the capacity of several hundred people and institutions (national associations, financial institutions, investors) to use the SPI4 tool to manage and report on social performance.

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We provided following support:

  • grants for national associations to develop SP country reports
  • grants to financial institutions to conduct SPI4 audit plus
  • technical assistance to associations, financial institutions, investors
  • guidelines for associations to prepare SP country report

Thanks to our support:

  • 190 MFIs provided SP data to microfinance associations to develop the SP country report. As a result 12 SP country reports and 1 regional SP report have been published.
  • 33 financial institutions were supported (received co-financing) to conduct SPI4 audit plus to assess their current status and develop improvement plan
  • 78 organizations received off-site support to learn more about SPM, improve their practises or find out how SPI4 can be used for managing and reporting
  • 16 persons became qualified SPI4 audit
  • 608 different stakeholders were brought together in 26 different countries during country or regional events. During those events (trainings, workshops) participants had a chance to learn about SPM, share their experience, discuss challenges and solutions.
  • 16 webinars were conducted explaining SPM and presenting good practise examples from the field. (some in more than 1 language) The recordings and presentations are available at MFC website
  • The SPI4 tool has been regularly updated, new functionality added – possibility to filter standards by financial institution typical functioning areas. The tool is available for free at CERISE website
  • 30 scholarships to financial institution and national association representatives provided to participate in SPM international meetings.

Our results would not be possible to achieve without generous support from the Ford Foundation.

MFC Social Performance Fund 3rd round Fact sheet Infographic

MFC Social Performance Fund 3rd round Fact sheet Infographic