Social Media Effective Play #DigLitBootcamp

16 June 2020

This webinar discusses very practical issues related to MFI’s presence in social media. We are talking about various strategies, which depend on availability of staff, marketing budget – including small institutions, where there are no dedicated resources. We are discussing tricks and tips for no-budget online advertising and effective grow of followers, relevant to MFI’s business. We are reviewing changes in social media trends caused by Covid19 crisis. Eventually, we are again touching upon setting and monitoring of KPIs.


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Presenter: Nadia Szypilow, independent consultant



As an experienced digital marketing expert, Nadia has worked across multiple marketing disciplines in various sectors: e-commerce, microfinance, IT. She stepped into digital world in 2005 working for web analytics tools developer, holding multiple lectures about effective usage of web analytics tools at conferences or as an invited lecturer at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics. Last 10 years she has been working as a digital consultant in several e-commerce projects, using her knowledge of web analytics tools in practice. As MFC Communication Manager (2018-2019) Nadia had a deep dive in to the microfinance sector and gained good understanding of the background and challenges related with digitalization for microfinance practitioners

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