Social Enterprises as an Integral Part of the Fair, Green and Circular Transition in Europe – Joint Statement

Every day in Europe, 2.8 million social economy enterprises employing some 19.1 million people are dedicated to solving societal challenges whilst running a sustainable business. All in all, this accounts for some 6.3% of the total paid workforce in Europe. Unlike traditional businesses, social enterprises create revenues and profits that are directly re-invested into up-skilling, innovative jobs and training opportunities. By working towards an inclusive and circular economy with a vision for a more cohesive society, they create social and environmental value.

Caritas Europa, Euclid Network, Microfinance Centre and RREUSE affirm a new approach to this transition. We look forward to a greener Europe which requires a high level of coordination and listens to all stakeholders in the Circular Economy and Social Economy. For example, by fully integrating the European Pillar of Social Rights in Circular Economy related policies and enhancing social innovation in Europe we reiterate the necessity to think global, invest local, social and sustainable ensuring that nobody is left behind.

Read the Joint Statement on European Green Deal Caritas Europa Euclid Network Microfinance Centre RREUSE