Programmatic Digital Advertising explained: what it is and why you should use it? #DigLitBootcamp

Programmatic Digital Advertising explained: what it is and why you should use it?

2 June 2020,  Tuesday, 11:00-12:00  (Warsaw, Amsterdam, Sarajevo)

Programmatic advertising is a powerful method to reach prospects and clients in a quick and precise way. Currently, it is mostly used in buying and selling online ads. However, it is also applicable for TV and audio campaigns, although not on such a scale. As a complex phenomenon, it is one of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted terms by marketers, but at the time, the fastest-growing segment of the digital display advertising marketplace. How is this possible? Join us on this webinar and get to know: what Facebook and Google have in common with programmatic? Is programmatic always automatic? What is the role of real-time bidding (RTB) in the programmatic buying and selling ecosystem? Our expert will explain three main components of getting your programmatic strategy right: technology, data, and knowledge. We will go through case studies of successful campaigns and point out possible scenarios of its practical use for MFIs.

Presenter: Marta Klepka, Independent consultant


Marta has over 10 years of experience as B2C and B2B marketer and business developer in fast-growing, innovative companies from FinTech, e-commerce, media agency and MarTech industries. Her professional passions are digital & mobile communication and technology. She is a data person using insights and business intelligence to set measurable goals, make informed decisions and even to tell brand stories.
Her career started in Gemius, international marketing technology and research agency, where with the team of over 20 sales and marketing specialists she developed the company presence from 3 to 18 markets. Afterwards she worked with Publicis agencies: ZenithOptimedia, Starcom and VivaKi to enhance key customers’ portfolio with online campaigns and develop e-marketing skills in the CEE region. Later on she has moved to the client side and led marketing and e-commerce and raised awareness of Audioteka – the company producing and selling audiobooks on 15 markets. In 2018 she joined a FinTech company, TMS Brokers. For couple of years she consults small and medium-size businesses regarding their digital strategies and presence.
Marta shared her experience presenting and taking part in the debates on nearly 50 marketing events in Europe. Privately she is a happy mum of 2 kids, ecologist and evangelist of a personal development. She loves life and needs to learn new things all the time.

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