EaSI Technical Assistance: Peer-to-peer Training on How Microfinance Institutions Can Better Serve Vulnerable Groups With Volunteers

The EU is offering a peer-to-peer training under the EaSI Technical Assistance programme to selected European microfinance institutions, as well as other microcredit providers from Europe to visit MonteCredit, a microfinance institution operating for more than 20 years in Montenegro as a subsidiary of VisionFund.

The training will take place at the premises of the hosting organisation in Podgorica, Montenegro on 13-14 January 2020.

This event was requested by representatives of Fondazione de Grisantis, a microfinance support organisation from Italy. It will offer the participants a chance to see:

  • how MonteCredit works with young entrepreneurs with the help of volunteers,
  • how the volunteers are trained and
  • what type of services they can offer to the clients of the microcredit provider.

The event organisers expect to welcome a small Italian delegation from the Fondazione de Grisantis, interested in gaining a better understanding of the processes and procedures of daily work of MonteCredit in servicing vulnerable groups, such as young entrepreneurs, with the support of volunteers.

MonteCredit’s main activity is to provide economic and financial support for the most vulnerable economic and social groups of the population to help improve underdeveloped areas of Montenegro by supporting the creation of sustainable entrepreneurial activities.

European microfinance institutions who are either already selected as EaSI Technical Assistance beneficiaries or are considering applying for the programme can contact easi.ta@fs.de to receive more information about the event programme and registration, as well as how to request a similar event to improve their own operations.