Mobile Only Loan Process – KMF Experience #DigLitBootcamp

22 September 2020

KMF is the largest MFI in Kazakhstan, with ca. 220,000 clients and 300 mn USD in portfolio. In 2014, KMF launched a mobile application for Loan Officers, allowing them to enter data in real time and receive an initial scoring of a client on clients’ spot. In 2019, they launched a mobile application for clients, through which clients can apply for all types of loans, and sign the loan agreement also online. For consumer loans, the whole process is completely mobile, without necessity to meet a Loan Officer or visit a branch.

During the webinar, KMF will share its experience in designing and implementing their mobile app. They will talk about client mobile identification, mobile scoring, as well as successes and challenges related to implementation of the app at the client and staff level.


Presenter: Oxana Bukhtiyarova, Innovative Solutions Department Manager KMF

Oxana is a graduate of the University of International Business in Almaty with over 18 years of experience in microfinance sector. She joined KMF in 2002, starting as Loan Officer and building her career up to heading Innovative Solutions Department as its Manager. Her department is responsible for developing fast and high-level service for customers, mobile app, and in-demand and competitive products.

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