MFC Members’ news: Asian Credit Fund’s new green economy programme

Asian Credit Fund (ACF) is a microfinance organization operating in Kazakhstan. ACF provides microloans for small businesses and supports households’ development predominantly in rural areas of Kazakhstan.

In 2017 ACF launched its Green Economy programme, with a focus on “clean or green technology”. As part of its support for the program, ACF increased disbursement of green lending, providing loans for energy-efficiency investments for rural households. In total, more than 1 100 villagers could introduce energy efficiency innovations in their houses with the help of ACF loans.

ACF recognised that it is important not only to raise awareness about the need to use energy responsibly among adults and created an educational programme for school children. Together with primary school teachers ACF conducted 5 energy saving lessons for 6th grade pupils in 5 village schools. Such lessons encourage children to live a “greener” life at school and at home. ACF strongly believes that by teaching young children to be environmentally aware we build important life habits that could potentially make a considerable difference in the future of the earth. “ We hope that the children translate the knowledge they have received through ACF energy saving lessons into energy efficiency measures in their own lives and lives of their parents”, said Zhanna Zhakupova, Executive Director of Asian Credit Fund.

If you are interesting in the details of the Programme please email us.