MFC Annual Conference 2019 Workshop Presentations

On the 30th and 31st of May 2019, the Microfinance Centre (MFC) held its 22nd Annual Conference to explore the implications of the digital revolution on financial and social inclusion. The event welcomed 409 delegates to Istanbul (Turkey) representing EU bodies, MFIs, NGOs, investors and FinTechs from 46 countries across Eastern and Western Europe, Central Asia, the Caucasus and beyond. Read more

Download presentations from the workshops held at the conference:

Conference Opening and  Keynote Address: The Case for Investing in Microfinance’s Future 

Tim Ogden, Financial Access Initiative, New York University – Download the presentation

Workshop 1a: Fintechs and Financial Inclusion in Turkey and beyond

At first, experts predicted that fintechs would usurp mainstream finance—later scaling back their predictions to mere ‘disruption’. The increasingly dominant view, however, is that while fintechs will catalyse advances in the finance industry as a whole, they are likely to do so under the guise of collaborators with astute incumbents rather than direct competitors. Using the example of Turkey, the panel will deliberate on the role and place of fintechs companies in the financial inclusion landscape.

Kinga Dąbrowska, Microfinance Centre  – Download the presentation

Deena Burjorjee, CGAP
Gulbakhor Makhkamova, National Association of Business Women of Tajikistan
Sinem Cantürk, KPMG Turkey

Workshop 1b: Digital Payment Solutions for Microfinance Clients

Increasing numbers of MFIs are considering the introduction of new digital products in addition to loans—including digital wallets, money transfers, payment services, to name a few. Diverse options exist, and depending on the national legal framework and their clients’ needs, MFIs can either develop their own services or partner with established providers. During this workshop, MFIs will share their experiences in developing payment products and services.

Hemant Baijal, Consultant Download the presentation

Archil Bakhuradze, Crystal Download the presentation
Mavsuda Vaisova, Humo Download the presentation

Workshop 2a: Talking about Agile – A New Buzzword Explained

When people discuss “agile working” they instinctively focus on flexible hours, hot-desking or home-working. Is it more than that? And how does it differ from “flexible working”? Agile working is about bringing people, processes, connectivity and technology, time and place together to find the most appropriate and effective way of working. The Agile Method is a unique approach to project management that has its roots in software development, and is used by forward-thinking companies across other core business units—from marketing to human resources to finance. The session will lay the foundation to understanding agile ways of working, why they matter and how they can work for you.

Agnieszka Gasperini, Consultant Download the presentation

Workshop 2b: Gaining Efficiency through Digital Processes and Systems

When we say “processes and systems”, we mean internal platforms and operational systems that process information and support organizational data management. In short, they are the backbone of a well-functioning organization, and a necessary component for MFIs that embark on digital transformation. The workshop will discuss ways of setting up your systems and processes for improved efficiency.

Etienne Mottet, BFC Download the presentation

Elwin Groenevelt, Qredits
Ognjen Adamovic, BFC
Rishat Mukhamedzhanov, FMFC
Archil Bakhuradze, Crystal

Workshop 2c: Banking Models for Micro- and Small Businesses

The session will present several banking models that cater to micro- and small businesses as their core or predominant activity. These models will include a cooperative bank, social bank, microbank and an ethical bank. The discussion will showcase the salient features of various banking models and how their missions, structures and business models facilitate access to credit and other financial services for micro- and small businesses. The presentation will also point to the regulatory framework required for a successful operations of a small business focused bank.

Piotr Korynski, Microfinance Centre Download the presentation

Bogdan Merfea, Patria Bank
Frieder Woeherman, Consultant

Fintech Marketplace with Pitches

The overall objective is to create a space for technology companies working with business lenders, fintechs, microfinance institutions and other types of alternative finance players to encourage innovation and partnership building in Europe and Central Asia.

This dedicated fintech pitch will allow alternative finance institutions to present shortly their organizations, promote their business models

The following fintechs will present: Bondster (Download the presentation), Karolina Fund, Mintos, (Download the presentation), Tarfin (Download the presentation) and Finverity.

Sachin Vankalas, LuxFlag

Workshop 3a: Navigating the Digital Jungle: Tips and Tricks for MFIs

Ever wonder what it will take to digitize your MFI? (Hint: Courage!) Ever wonder where should you start? Start with this session, where you’ll get an introduction to digitizing, datifying and digitalizing (already confused?) your MFI’s operations using the right tools to help you strategize and organize your approach to digital transformation. Join us—don’t be left in the digital darkness!

Piotr Korynski, Microfinance Centre – Download the presentation

Paul Kalinauckas, BCRS Business Loans
Samir Bajrovic, Sunrise
Goran Lazarevski, MFO

Investment Readiness Training: Practical Guide to EaSI Financial Instruments for Microfinance

This workshop will provide tips for practitioners on how to access funding under the EU’s EaSI Financial Instruments via the European Investment Fund (EIF). Participants will learn about the latest menu of financial instruments at their disposal (guarantees, loans, equity and grants for managing business development services) and will get a chance to go through the “guarantee instrument” application process and discuss the benefits and obligations related to working with EIF. The session will combine presentations, exercises and a case study discussion.

Grzegorz Galusek, Microfinance Centre

Justyna Pytkowska, Microfinance Centre Download the presentation
Simone Uccheddu, EIF
Altin Muca, BESA Download the presentation