Social Performance Management (SPM)

Established in 1999, our global SPM program works with networks and MFIs on assessment and capacity building projects in order to develop systems and improve practice towards strengthening the double-bottom line of microfinance

Our SPM work includes:

The Social Performance (SP) Fund

The Social Performance (SP) Fund develops the capacity of 52 microfinance networks to work with their members on promoting and implementing Universal Standards for Social Performance Management. Learn more>

Decision tree tool

The Decision Tree increases the scale and effectiveness of network-led initiatives in social performance through developing a coherent framework for social performance management (SPM) strategy development. Learn more>

Supporting social reporting and transparency

MFC supports MFIs in the Europe and Central Asian region to report their social performance to the MIX. Learn more>

Quality Audit Tool (QAT)

The QAT is a practical diagnostic tool that supports managers in reviewing the status and effectiveness of an MFI’s management processes in achieving social goals. We offer training of trainers workshops, capacity building of local auditors, direct MFI audits, and facilitated internal delivery. Learn more>

Client protection

MFC supports the scale-up of good client protection practice. We do this through providing technical support to MFIs, and co-sponsoring a regional good practice award. Learn more>

Learn more about SPM

We have compiled an annotated list of online resources for MFIs and networks that want to learn more about social performance, SPM, and client protection. Learn more>