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Software Group – Whitepaper: Field Staff Digitalization – A Decade of Key Lessons Learned in Microfinance

Digital transformation¬†is high on Microfinance Institutions’ agenda, but the path to its successful implementation may hold different strategic directions. Software Group’s new whitepaper lays out our business, technological and implementation lessons learned while helping MFIs digitalize their field operations. Download Whitepaper In the last 20 years we saw an operational shift as most MFIs transitioned from paper-based operations to digital ...

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What Makes a Fintech Inclusive? – Webinar Video

Co-hosted by MIX and FinDev Gateway, this webinar aims to provide clarity into inclusive fintech and, specifically, how to determine what makes a fintech “inclusive.”¬†Bringing together diverse perspectives from government, think tanks, and practitioners, the webinar will highlight new frameworks that can help investors, policy makers and others to better understand, assess, and navigate the inclusive fintech space. Download webinar ...

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Digitalizing Microfinance in Europe

The paper “Digitalizing Microfinance in Europe” summarizes the results of the survey on the use of fintech solutions and digitalization of the customer relations and lending process among MFIs in Europe. While there is a widespread recognition about the need to use digital processes to a larger degree, the ability and willingness of MFIs to do that varies greatly. The ...

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