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MFC Research Results

Microfinance in Europe: Survey Report (2020 Edition)

This Survey Report presents a detailed snapshot of the microfinance sector up until the very beginning of …

Publisher: Microfinance Centre & European Microfinance Network
Year: 2021

MFI Digitalization Pathways. Monitoring Progress in Microfinance Digital Journeys [Research Paper]

This paper summarizes the results of research conducted among MFC members on the digital solutions. …

Publisher: Microfinance Centre
Year: 2020

External Publications

Impact of the European Commission’s Social Business Initiative

  In 2011, the European Commission presented the Social Business Initiative (SBI) which established an …

Publisher: European Commission
Year: 2021

MFC Member: Banca Etica – Impact Report 2020

  Read the new Impact Report by Banca Etica, an MFC Memeber! “2019 marked Banca …

Publisher: Banca Etica
Year: 2020

MFC Case Studies

Mobile Only Loan Process – KMF Experience #DigLitBootcamp

22 September 2020 KMF is the largest MFI in Kazakhstan, with ca. 220,000 clients and …

Riding the Technology Wave in European Microfinance: the Case of Qredits

Read MFC’s latest case study  “Riding The Technology Wave in European Microfinance: The Case of …

Publisher: Microfinance Centre
Year: 2019

MFC Policy papers

Microfinance’s Role in Mitigating Human Capital Flight | Publication

Microfinance institutions are in a key position to help mitigate the effects of human capital …

Publisher: European Microfinance Network
Year: 2021

Social Enterprises as an Integral Part of the Fair, Green and Circular Transition in Europe – Joint Statement

Every day in Europe, 2.8 million social economy enterprises employing some 19.1 million people are …

Publisher: Microfinance Centre, Euclid Network, Rreuse, Caritas Europa
Year: 2019

Videos and Webinar Recordings

Социальные сети для МФО: трата времени или точка роста? || #DigLitBootcamp RU ВИДЕО

Вебинар 18.05.2021 Вебинар будет посвящен работе с социальными сетями в контексте микрофинансовой организации: Стратегия работы …

Empower the team to develop your MFI || LiDE Webinar recording

Track 1: Leadership in Digital Era Date: 6 May 2021 💡 In order to embrace fast …

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