Introduction to Google Display Network #DigLitBootcamp

9 June 2020

The webinar explains what Google Display Network is and its basic functionalities. We are discussing the benefits and costs related to its use, as well as provide general rules and conditions, under which small and medium MFIs should use it for effective outreach to clients. Among others, we are reviewing the types of campaigns and their structure. As the proper targeting is key to success, we are unpacking the details how to do it right to succeed. We are providing tools for your staff to define criteria for targeting. Last but not least, we are talking about the right marketing towards those users, who have already visited our web page (remarketing).


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Presenter : Artur Podgórzak

Artur, as an expert in performance marketing and client onboarding, has co-created multiple paid marketing strategies within different B2B and B2C market segments with variety of media budget sizes. Managing 7 digit budgets he learnt best practices in terms of marketing strategies, online customer behavior and lead generation, which can be successfully implemented in business of any size. Currently he leads the implementation of advanced customer onboarding strategy in top European B2B Start-up, selling its product in 26 countries world-wide. Working with Google products on daily basis, he is always up to date with newest quirks and features. Personally pasisionate about social media’s impact on society, mobile apps and fintech. Believes that future of financial services is digital.

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