International Peer-to-Peer Visits: Funds Available – Use This Opportunity!

We have started collecting information on your needs for subsidized international peer-to-peer visits to MFIs outside of your country (countries covered by the EaSI Programme only). This a great opportunity to exchange with other practitioners as well as have your different Team’s exposed to international good practices, establish new partnerships and/or just have a team building exercise.

Please let us know about the topics, tools, solutions you are interested to learn about from any other MFI (bank, fintech, social enterprise fund or alike) – we can help you identify a relevant learning partner and cover the costs of your Team to travel and visit an organization in another country to learn on the topic of your interest. If you still would like to learn, but want to save time on travel, please let us know what kind of MFI from abroad you would be interested to host.

If you would like to take chance of this opportunity but do not have an idea how to approach it, please contact Aldona Rutkowska at and we will help you frame your learning agenda. We can share information on the recently organized or planned peer-to-peer visits of other MFIs in the pipeline for your inspiration.