Getting started with the European Code of Good Conduct? Get help!

Using the self-regulation guidelines known as the European Code of Good Conduct for Microcredit Provision? We can help!

We work with microcredit providers to assess current compliance levels, in particular to:

• Review the organization’s self-assessment results
• Clarify specific clauses of the Code, their applicability and compliance levels
• Propose strategies to address areas of weaknesses and poor compliance
• Discuss the overall assessment in terms of their readiness for external assessment
• Recommend short- and medium-term improvements.

Since February 2016, we’ve supported nine microcredit providers, including: AFI (Greece), BCRS (UK), Capitalia (Latvia), Maritsa Invest (Bulgaria), PRIMOM (Hungary), ROMCOM (Romania), SEED Capital Bizkaia (Spain), TISE (Poland), and Vitas (Romania).


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