Fintech Panorama in Czech Republic – Mapping Results Presentation Event

On 27th November Czech Fintech Assocation presented the results of the fintech mapping study requested by Microfinance Centre. Kinga Dąbrowska from MFC took part in this event. The objective of the research was to learn about fintech sector and its potential for contributing to financial inclusion and health

The research revealed that there are over 100 fitnechs in Czech Republic, operating in all areas of financial sector (payments, financing, finance management, insurance, etc). Most of the investments come from foreign investors. It was observed that tintechs do not perceive themselves as enabling financial inclusion or financial health, however they contribute to the development of more affordable and cheaper financial services.

It was noted that the potential growth of fintechs is seen in the areas of mobile payments, affordable and transparent SMEs financing wealth and finance management.

See the photos from the event!