Exploring the Relationship between Fintech and Financial Inclusion at the MFC Annual Conference 2019

When the first Fintechs appeared, experts predicted they would usurp mainstream finance—later scaling back their predictions to mere ‘disruption’. The increasingly dominant view, however, is that while Fintechs will catalyse advances in the finance industry as a whole, they are likely to do so as collaborators with astute incumbents, rather than direct competitors. The landscape of future collaboration between Fintechs and financial inclusion institutions will be explored at the MFC Annual Conference 2019 during:

  • Fintech Marketplace – A space for partnership-building between financial institutions and tech providers will encourage innovation and digitalization in the microfinance sector.
  • Fintech pitch session – Will allow alternative finance institutions to pitch their organizations, present their business models and solutions to financial inclusion community
  • Speed networking with Fintechs and investors – This “speed dating” type session will facilitate networking opportunities between Fintechs, investors, and microfinance practitioners.
  • Fintechs and financial inclusion in Turkey and beyond – Using the experience of Turkey, this workshop will consider the role and place of Fintechs in the financial inclusion landscape with speakers from CGAP, KPMG Turkey and National Association of Business Women of Tajikistan:

Overall, this conference aims to build strong bridges between financial inclusion institutions and tech innovation providers, to create successful partnerships going forward.