Empower the team to develop your MFI || LiDE Webinar recording

Track 1: Leadership in Digital Era

Date: 6 May 2021

💡 In order to embrace fast pace of change and the blessing of digitalization, as a leader, you need to have the right people in your boat. Digital transformation is rarely about firing and hiring new people. Neither it is about the all-knowing manager show. It is more about leaders releasing capacities, that allow employees and a manager to act as integral, united team and lift up the organization to the new level.

 ➡ This webinar sketches the map of key leadership competencies, that are necessary to develop organization in digital era. We are focusing especially on crucial ability to build trust and high engagement in your team, which will create solid base for accountability and empowerment. The participants will learn how to test the level of trust in their teams. They will get familiar with practical first steps helping increasing its level. Similarly, we will discuss how to improve delegation of decision making, that improves effectiveness.

😉 This webinar is for anyone who leads a team in an MFI – from field teams up to senior management teams.


Webinar timeline

09:00 –> Attributes of changeable organization

21:50 –> System of changeable organization

33:36 –> trust and engagement foundations: healthy organization

45:13 –> Tools and tips for trust and engagement building

49:30 –> Tools: fair process management

57:28 –> Tools: Grass Root Leadership

1:00:01 –> Organization Health Check case study

1:08:00 –> Strtegy communication importance & tool

1:10:10 –> Proper goals setting

1:18:55 –> Comander’s Intent

1: 23:08–> Tool: rganization pulse querterly check

Our expert

Tomasz Klekowski

Digital transformation expert

Tomasz worked in Intel for 20 years, as General Manager for Europe and Business Development Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa. He serves as digital transformation expert, advising and collaborating with industry associations, think-tanks, universities, investment funds and start-ups. Focusing on exploring technology impact on economy and society, he helps companies and executives to navigate across technology revolutions.

About the Leaders in Digital Era series

The idea was developed based on lessons learnt from the Digital Literacy Bootcamp  devoted to digital transformation in microfinance. 

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Digitalize or die – offering services online is no longer an alternative for MFIs; it is the way as people all over the world change their preferences towards any type of brand and sector. However, today’s leaders must manage not only an organization that undergoes a digital transformation.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic boosted the fact that more and more employees work remotely. They have been suddenly forced to deal with work challenges in a time of volatility, anxiety, fast changing circumstances and many uncontrolled risks. Thus, the leaders manage people that live in a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous). They manage virtual teams that often consist of three generations (X, Y, Z) with varying skills and attitudes.

This requires leaders to make sure they improve skills like emotional intelligence, managing generational differences, and building an organizational culture that embraces fast changing consumers’ preferences and fashion, driven by accelerating technology.


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