Emotionally Intelligent Leader || EaSI Technical Assistance Webinar recording

Leaders in Digital Era|| Track 1: Leadership in digital era


Date: 3 December 2020 

Language: English

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Leadership is fundamentally about facilitating performance, getting others to do their best, and to do their work effectively and efficiently. One of the most robust, consistent findings in the area of social sciences is that there is a direct link between the way people feel and the way people perform.

When people feel relaxed at work, they tend to be solution focused. When they feel involved, they often promote the brand. When they feel cared for by the company, they go above and beyond the level of discretionary effort they put towards the company. Finally, employees that are empowered are often the hardest working and innovative team members.

When people feel anxious, they are more likely to be reactive. When stressed, we can become aggressive. It’s human nature. When an employee feels fearful, they can sometimes blame others. Finally, when people feel disempowered, they can assume a lack of responsibility and ownership for their work. We’ve all been there.

Emotionally intelligent leadership is about leaders intelligently using emotions to facilitate high performance in themselves and others.

During our online workshop, attendees will explore the Genos model of 6 emotionally intelligent competencies of a leader and explore techniques for developing self and other awareness. They will also explore the facilitation of online meetings and discussion of their teams, which allows reading and addressing emotions of team members, despite the lack of face-to-face contact. They will also explore other techniques for stimulating high performance in others.


Agnieszka Gasperini, is a certified Project Manager (PMP & PMI -ACP) with over 20 years of experience in multi-international projects and knowledge of 5 languages. She is also a certified SDI Facilitator, trainer & ICF coach. As a consultant she works with international clients from diverse industries by providing strategic and tactical aid in all aspects of project management, including selecting and securing optimal EU assistance programme, employee training and development.


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