EC Seminar in Brussels: Smart Use of Finance for Integration of Migrants Impacts and Mechanics to Foster Social Innovation

EUROPEAN COMMISSION – DIRECTORATE-GENERAL MIGRATION AND HOME AFFAIRS Directorate E: Migration and Security Funds; Financial Resources invites to a seminar on the topic of Smart Use of Finance for Integration of Migrants Impacts and Mechanics to Foster Social Innovation on 14 October 2019 in Brussels

There is a considerable potential for financial investments for the benefit of legally residing third- country nationals. Integration challenges faced by migrants need strong engagement not only from public authorities but also from social and private actors.

Effective and fair integration measures require political, social and financial investments. Sufficient investments will be beneficial both to the migrant communities and the host society in the mid to long term. Social finance for migrants is not only a question of individual or financial benefits. Migrants represent important social capital to build cohesive communities. They also represent human capital that can usefully contribute to the economic growth of the EU.

In this perspective, the legislative proposals for the next Multiannual Financial Framework 2021 – 2027 on InvestEU, ESF+ and Asylum and Migration Fund (AMF) foresee possibilities to leverage finance for effective and fair integration measures. Support of the InvestEU guarantee for the financial products alone or in combination with EU grants would offer important opportunities.

However, using them well requires knowledge of how they work in practice and a strategic reflection on how to apply them in the area of integration of migrants. To be better acquainted with mechanics and impacts of the instruments, DG HOME will organise a dedicated seminar at the conference centre Borschette in Brussels on 14 October 2019 from 9.30 to 16.45.

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