EC: Respond to the Call for Proposals on Social Innovation – Establishing and Testing Integrated Interventions Aimed at Supporting People in (the Most) Vulnerable Situations – deadline 15 October


Under the European Program for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI), the European Commission has published a call for proposals for financial support for initiatives relating to social innovation entitled “Establishing and testing integrated interventions to support people in (most) vulnerable situations” (VP / 2020/003).

This call for proposals aims to support existing or new partnerships in testing innovative approaches supporting the implementation of principle 14 of the European Pillar of Social Rights (hereinafter: Pillar) entitled “Minimum income”. This principle states that anyone who does not have sufficient resources has the right to an adequate minimum income to ensure a dignified life at all stages and to ensure effective access to supporting goods and services. For people who are able to work, minimum income benefits should be linked to incentives to (re) integrate into the labour market.

Expected results of activities carried out under the project:

– the model of social innovation will be implemented in the implementation of the 14th Pillar, concerning a minimum income, through an integrated approach to active inclusion, which combines income provision and service provision, in particular social services and services supporting access to employment;

– integrated support and services will be effectively delivered to the (most) vulnerable groups;

– methodology for assessing activation (in society and on the labor market) of a vulnerable population;

– over 80% of clients will be:

a) employed, trained or participating in other activating activities, or

b) covered by other social activities.

It should be noted that the minimum income benefit itself will not be financed under the project.

The total budget earmarked for EU co-financing of projects under this call for proposals is EUR 10,000,000.

Under this budget, the Commission expects to fund around 8 projects. The EU subsidy cannot exceed 80% of the total project costs and applicants must guarantee co-financing of the remaining amount.

The grant will be awarded to a consortium of stakeholders, ie the lead applicant and the co-applicants. To be eligible, lead applicant and co-applicants must belong to one of the following categories of entities:

– a public authority or agency expressly authorized in writing by the competent public authorities to assume responsibility for carrying out the action;

– non-profit organization (private or public);

– research centres / institutes / universities;

– civil society organizations;

– organization of social partners at European, national or regional level.

The deadline for submitting applications is October 15, 2020. The indicative start date of the activities under the project is April 1, 2021 and the duration of the project itself is 30 months.

The Commission encourages applicants to submit a project proposal in English to facilitate its examination and speed up the evaluation process. However, applications submitted in one of the official EU languages ​​will also be accepted. In this case, an abstract in English should be attached to the application.

Any detailed inquiries can be sent by e-mail to:

We encourage you to submit applications!

Please provide this information to persons or entities that might be interested in applying for EU funding for innovative activities related to the above-mentioned area

Dowload the Call in English : Call for proposals_VP_ 2020-003_en

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