EaSI Technical Assistance Study Visit to Qredits – an IT-driven Microfinance Business Model for Sustainable Growth

The European Union is offering a study visit under the EaSI Technical Assistance programme to visit Qredits, a microcredit provider operating in the Netherlands.

The visit will take place on the premises of the hosting organization in Almelo, the Netherlands on 25 November 2019.

This is a second edition of the visit that was already offered to beneficiaries of the EaSI Technical Assistance programme on 7 February 2019. Due to the high demand and interest, Qredits is hosting this second event to introduce more microfinance institutions to the challenges and benefits of an IT-driven business model that supports sustainable growth. In addition, the visit will offer insights into Qredits’ cooperation with commercial banks and intermediaries.

The event organizers expect to welcome participants from about 10 microfinance institutions, interested in improving their operations and reaching sustainability by further embracing technology.

Qredits is one of the most mature and sustainable organisations in the European microfinance sector and its business model attracts a lot of interest due to its dynamism and embrace of new technologies to increase efficiency.

European microfinance providers who are already selected as EaSI Technical beneficiaries can contact the EaSI Technical Assistance secretariat to receive more information about the event programme and registration.