EaSI Technical Assistance Investment Readiness Training for Microfinance Institutions in Hungary

The European Union is offering an investment readiness training under the EaSI Technical Assistance programme tailored to microfinance institutions and other stakeholders in the Hungarian microfinance sector.

The training will take place at the Hotel Benczur, H-1068 Budapest, Hungary on 19 March 2020.

The main objectives of the training are to:

  • Inform the Hungarian institutions on EU funded EaSI Technical Assistance and EaSI financial instruments, as well as resources available to support the sustainable development of the national microfinance sector.
  • Provide a clear overview of the main stages and actions needed to access to EU support under the EaSI programme and lessons learned from social investors and EaSI programme beneficiaries.
  • Provide a broad view of the social investors’ role on the development of microfinance institutions, their impact on the financial sector, access to finance and business development services for underserved entrepreneurs, inspired by case studies.

The event organisers expect to welcome representatives from about 20 Local Enterprise Agencies (LEAs), as well as banks and other microfinance providers, interested in improving their operations and understanding better the expectations and standards that have to be met in order to improve their chances of receiving EU support.

European microfinance providers, either selected as EaSI Technical Assistance beneficiaries or interested in applying for the programme can register here by March 12, 2020, to attend the event.

For more information about this event, as well as to request the participation in or organisation of similar events, please send an email to the organising team.