Don’t Miss Upcoming Webinars for Microfinance Professionals!

04 Dec, 16.00 (CET): Results from Habitat for Humanity’s study on the impact of KWFT’s housing microfinance product, organised by SPTF

The webinar will present the findings from the impact evaluation of a housing microfinance project on a range of outcomes for beneficiaries in Kenya. The project provided technical assistance to six leading financial institutions to develop housing microfinance products and nonfinancial support services for people living on US$5-10 per day. The aim was to enable households to secure adequate and affordable housing and improve their living conditions progressively through small, short-term loans with affordable payment schedules. Register for the webinar

10 Dec, 16.00 (CET): Creative access to capital solutions, organised by Responsible Finance

In this joint CDFA – Responsible Finance (UK) webinar, you’ll learn from financing experts the creative access to capital solutions that are being pursued in both the U.S. and U.K. to support small business development. Read more and register for the webinar

11 Dec, 12.00 (CET): Microfinance in Europe: Key Results from the Survey Report 2016-2017, organised by EMN and MFC

The aim of the webinar session is to present the key results of the report “Microfinance in Europe: Survey Report 2016-2017” that will be released in December 2018. Read more and register for the webinar

19 Dec, 11.00 (CET): Digital Presence of Microfinance Institutions – Opportunities and Enablers, organised by MFC

Being present online is a must for microfinance institutions nowadays. However, a big question is how to do it effectively, so that the institution is visible to the customers they want to attract.

The webinar will present the ways MFIs can improve their visibility and positioning in the digital space in a cost effective way taking into account preferences of their clients and the digital capacity of MFI staff.

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