#DiglitBootcamp: Designing and Positioning of Successful Web Page for Financial Institution

4 February 2020

The webinar will discuss the design of the financial institution web page, which attracts the target audience. We will share the practical tips on how to understand what works and what does not work on your web page, and how to change it. We will also talk about ‘must have’ elements that appeal to users. In simple language we will talk also about optimisation of your web page for mobile phone users as well as about search engine optiomisation for better positioning of your MFI in Internet. BCRS from UK, with one of the most successful web pages, will share their know-how.

Presenter: Lauren McGowan, Digital Marketing Assistant


Looks after everything digital in the marketing department, key duties including websites and social media. Extensive knowledge on what makes a good website and key aspects to look out for. Taking lead in social media campaigns and implementing key media tools to drive traffic to the website to create quality leads and analyse how these leads convert to enquiries.

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