Digital Readiness & Digital Literacy – Your MFIs “must haves” by MFC

Digitalization is with no doubt a hot topic of our times. The pandemic has only accelerated this process. To be digitalized or not to, is not anymore a question – it is a must.

The Microfinance Centre is here to support their Member MFIs in the digital transformation process. We provide a comprehensive set of solutions for any type of microfinance institution, in any stage of their digital journey.

How to begin a successful digital transformation?

It is best to start with assessing the current situation. MFC developed a set of self-assessment tools, which are here to help any MFI to estimate their digital potential: both in a positive and negative levels.

To unlock the potential of digital tools, MFIs first need to understand where they are starting from. An MFI’s ability to implement large-scale digital initiatives is called its ‘digital readiness’. Using the MFC’s digital readiness self-assessment tool (DRSAT), MFIs can mobilize people across departments to build consensus around digital strengths, weaknesses, and gaps. Assessment results can also be used to inform digital strategy development and build a detailed roadmap for digital transformation.

Learn all the details about the tool here

DRSAT is also available in Russian

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Once a microfinance institution has assessed their digital readiness, surely they have identified some gaps and room for improvement. The Microfinance Centre has solutions for your digital challenges as well.

 Digital Literacy Bootcamp..

..Is a project going on from autumn 2019. #DigLitBootcamp is organized in a format of series of webinars featuring key topics delivered by experts in identified key areas. Some of the webinars present practical microfinance case studies from the regional MFIs to demonstrate how the basic concept can be translated into specific digital solutions.

MFC has organized more than 40 sessions so far, covering topics ranging from social media management, artificial intelligence, through credit scoring, CRM management all the way to Google Analytics, GDPR policies and many more.

If you are representing an MFI which is eager to streamline its digital operations, you surely want to check out the #DigLitBootcamp resources.

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Tools to assess microfinance Clients’ digital readiness

The MFI is digitally prepared, the staff is well trained and the digital solutions are implemented, but it is also necessary to make sure, that the tools we are using are understandable for microfinance Clients.

 MFC developed a practical set of questions, which help MFIs understand how they can use Internet and mobile solutions to reach out to bigger number of clients, build online sales channel, improve efficiency of lending process or communication with existing clients.

The questions, which should be asked to clients, are accompanied by a simple guide on how to organize the research, to obtain most relevant and objective information.

Read about the tools here

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Got questions? Contact us and we will be happy to answer!

Microfinance Centre hopes the tools, solutions and trainings we provide for MFIs are practical and useful.  Digitalisation is one of the key pillars of our mission.

If you have any comments (and we hope you do!), suggestions or questions do not hesitate to contact one of our team members.

We are doing our best so that the digital transformation in the microfinance sector in the region is going as smooth as possible.

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