CEO Forum Webinar: Pricing Challenges in Microfinance

Topic: Pricing Challenges in Microfinance

Date: March 21, 2019

Time: 14:00 – 15:00 CET

Presenter: Daniel Rozas, Senior Microfinance Expert at e-MFP

Host: Piotr Korynski, CEO FORUM Leader, Microfinance Centre

The webinar is open to CEO Forum Members

Setting interest rates and service charges is a central issue in microfinance program design.  Effective pricing of financial services may to a great extent determine the short- and long-term success a microfinance institution (MFI).  It is widely known that prices of microfinance services provided by MFIs are typically higher due to high operational costs of delivering the services. Increasingly, MFIs are being accused of overcharging their clients and not applying fair and transparent pricing.

The webinar will examine the pricing of microfinance loans from various perspectives: impact and growth of an MFI, disclosure and transparency, and consumer protection. Drawing on recent research in these areas, it will discuss how MFIs approach pricing challenges and how they find the balance between economic viability and social mission.


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