EaSI Technical Assistance to the European Microcredit Sector

What is EaSI Technical Assistance? The Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) Programme is an EU level financing instrument. Under fi-compass, a unique platform for advisory services on financial instruments and microfinance, EaSI TA offers institutional assessment and tailored training to selected microcredit providers, workshops to spread good practice in the wider European microcredit sector and a dedicated helpdesk. How is ...

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Software Group empowers the microfinance sector through technology

Software Group (SG) specializes in end-to-end solutions for the microfinance sector, focusing particularly on microfinance institutions, cooperatives and credit unions. The company is active in over 60 countries on 6 continents and works from offices in Australia, Bulgaria, Egypt, Ghana, India, Kenya, Mexico and Philippines. A global market leader, SG continues to grow and develop worldwide; its focus in 2016 are ...

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The KMF Financial Education project in Kazakhstan reached 76,000 people!

  In order to increase the level of financial education of the population in Kazakhstan, KazMicrofinance (KMF*), with the support of its parent company KMF Fund – “Demeu” has developed a project it is calling “Increase of Financial Literacy of the Population“. Using an innovative design approach to ensure best results, KMF developed this unique project for Kazakhstan in December ...

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