Building landing pages for MFIs #DigLitBootcamp

Building landing pages for MFIs

27 April (Monday), 11:00-12:00  (Warsaw, Amsterdam, Sarajevo)


Landing page of your product is a door step to your client experience with your institution. This webinar will inspire MFIs about building successful landing pages. We will talk about the role of landing page in an MFI and the key principles to design a good landing page focused on conversion of leads. We will discuss which visual elements make the lending page persuasive. We will explain wireframes and eventually we will unpack the A/B testing.

Speaker: Marina Shideroff, Fram, Founder & Chief Design Officer




Marina Shideroff is the Founder and Chief Design Officer at Fram, a next-gen design company that specialises in smart design solutions for businesses in the digital era. As a seasoned design strategist and consultant, Marina’s mission is to help brands navigate steadily through the stormy waters of great design that simultaneously reflects the dynamics and trends in the digital environment and achieves outstanding business results. That is what Fram is all about: moving forward, in Norwegian. With a strong focus on UX/UI design for SaaS, web, mobile and digital products, Fram’s portfolio showcases great examples of brand and corporate identitiies, design for websites, mobile, apps, icons, digital and marketing campaigns, corporate and public events. Fram confidently integrates innovative and new technology, including AR/VR, in designing a seamless brand experiences for its clients.

FRAM's operations

FRAM's operations

Fram has unmatched experience in designing for the FinTech Industry, both for disrupters (block chains, crypto and ICO), and established players (digital payments, e-commerce), the IT and the start-up sectors, as well as for the more traditional companies and brands that want to enhance and grow their digital presence and explore new opportunities in developing digital pre. Marina has a broad experience, both on the Bulgarian and the international markets, with strong exposition towards Germany, France and Switzerland, as well as Far East Asia. Major clients include Bauhaus, Bayer, Arvato, Trelleborg, Air Liquide, Thales, PWC, Good Year, Forbes, Herbalife, Bulpros.
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This webinar has received financial support from the European Union Programme for Employment and Social Innovation “EaSI” (2014-2020). For further information please consult:
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