Borrow Wisely Campaign 2019

The sixth annual Borrow Wisely! Campaign will take place in October 2019. Borrow Wisely! is an annual international campaign promoting global client protection standards through borrowers education. As with previous years, MFC and partner organisations will be delivering key messages about how to borrow money safely, harnessing the positive power of loans and avoiding the pitfalls of too much debt. Read more about Borrow Wisely! goals and tools 

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This year, list of campaign partners include:

Borrow Wisely Campaign 2019 results

Congratulations to all of the participants! Together we reached over 1,9 mln people with a message on smart borrowing.

Read more on the results here 

Borrow Wisely! Campaign 2018 Results

During the fifth Borrow Wisely! Campaign edition in 2018  24 campaign partners across 16 countries in Europe and Central Asia reached 311,363 people with campaign messages. Campaign partners (microfinance institutions and associations) educated people directly through individual meetings, workshops, fairs and virtually on their websites and social media.

The campaign is designed to help people think about borrowing in a more responsible way, and results reveal that we met our aim. Respondents had this to say:

Farm Credit is not just a lender, but also our adviser.

We are always happy to have their valuable advice!

A client of Farm Credit, Armenia

I learnt a lot of interesting things about smart borrowing,

loans and how can I endanger my finances by borrowing.

A client of Sunrise, Bosnia and Herzegovina

We received useful information which will definitely apply.

Thank you for your time!

A client of MicroInvest,  Moldova

Evaluation results from 2017 show that the message is getting through:

79% respondents agreed the campaign was useful for them

61% respondents were able to state at least 1 advice (out of 5 key advices) of wise borrowing after the campaign

91% of respondents declared that they would read the campaign materials later on

Read the complete Evaluation Report of Borrow Wisely Campaign in 2017.

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