Let Your Business Grow Online With the #DigLitBootcamp 2021 Edition!

Last year it was more than impressive. MFC hosted over 1000 participants during #DigLitBootcamp sessions organized in 2020. Not only our attendees learned a lot*, which is the most important goal, but they joined us from 154 different institutions, spread around 55 countries!

To follow up last year’s Digital Literacy Bootcamp – based on the feedback received – we have prepared a new three module digital journey for you:

    Digital Bootcamp Labs

– to discuss online operations challenges directly with experts and share your experience with other Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) – deadline for applications: 30 April!

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Leaders in Digital Era

– to empower leadership skills of microfinance managers during the era of online work

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#DigLitBootcamp На русском | in Russian


– to address the needs of digital competencies of our Russian speaking participants (Russian language version follows)

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Here’s what participants say about #DigLitBootcamp last year:

Thank you for the opportunity to connect with new people and ideas by participating in the Digital Bootcamp webinars.
participant from Romania

You did a great job organising the Digital Bootcamp. I learnt a lot of useful information and it expanded my understanding of many issues on the digital front.

– participant from Irland


Regarding the participation in the #DigLitBootcamp, I have learned a lot of new things. Despite the fact that I was quite familiar with some topics, still there were very interesting tools and digital transformation methodologies presented on the webinars. Just to mention an example, Bernard’s (Bernard Golko) webinars were really outstanding, of a very high quality, providing good information and guidelines for digital transformation. Lastly, these webinars, turned out to be even more valuable, given the events of 2020, with the worldwide pandemic still ongoing.

– participant from Albania

Join our #BootcampLabs and benefit from hands-on experience!

Are you in the process of building your online presence and you are facing challenges? Would you like to make the most of the existing online marketing opportunities?

Learn more and sign up

We are focused on helping MFIs to build:

  • Outreach to clients through the internet
  • Onboarding of clients through the internet

For whom?

#BootcampLabs are for Microfinance Professionals who want to build a solid online presence of their organizations, and would like to develop their practical know-how in online marketing.

#BootcampLabs for Microfinance Professionals that are undertaking the challenge of building a solid online presence for their organizations who would like to further develop their practical know-how in online marketing.

#BootcampLabs for MFIs that want to be at the forefront of digital marketing and offer clients outstanding online/digital channel experience. MFIs who have already invested time and resources into digital marketing and toolsfor loan processes to happen online.

You can nominate internal staff from your marketing and/or operations departments to participate in the hands-on online marketing labs.  More than one person per MFI can participate!


Hands-on experience through practical 2-hour sessions will be hosted on the Zoom platform. The participants receive feedback from an experienced expert after presenting their digital presence system.

Here you can submit your applications 

Deadline for submissions: 30 April 2021

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Leaders in the Digital Era – become one of them!

#LiDE is a series of webinars that aim at equipping managers in microfinance institutions with the necessary skills and understanding of tools to effectively lead a team in digital world.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the fact that more and more employees work remotely. They have been suddenly forced to deal with work challenges in a time of volatility, anxiety, fast-changing circumstances and many uncontrolled risks.

This requires that leaders improve skills like emotional intelligence, managing generational differences, and build an organizational culture that embraces fast-changing consumers’ preferences and trends, driven by accelerating technology.

Check out and register for upcoming #LiDE webinars

  • Empower the team to develop your MFI [6 May]
  • MFIs that embraces innovation [20 May]
  • How to become an agile MFI? [17 June]

Each seminar takes place on Thursdays at 11:00 CET

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Digital Literacy Bootcamp – На русском

#DigLitBootcamp это онлайн-курс направлен на создание прочной основы для процессов цифровой трансформации в МФО, через использование базовых навыков, знаний и возможностей, связанных с цифровизацией, среди персонала и руководства МФО. Обсуждаемые темы включают выбор лучших онлайн-каналов для привлечения клиентов, разумные инвестиции в цифровой маркетинг, развитие контент-маркетинга, работу с кредитным рейтингом для цифрового кредитования и многое другое. Наши эксперты — это руководители высокого уровня, международные консультанты и успешные практики цифровизации.

Digital Literacy Bootcamp – На русском

2021 #DigLitBootcamp предлагает выбор из 4 вебинаров на русском языке – подробности см. Ниже.

Ближайшие вебинары

  • Социальные сети для МФО: трата времени или точка роста? | 18.05.2021, 11:00 – 12:15 московского времени
  • Поисковое продвижение сайта микрофинансовой организации | 22.06.2021, 11:00 – 12:15 московского времени

За дополнительной информацией обращайтесь к bartosz[at]mfc.org.pl 

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*[from the evaluation polls after each webinar it turned out that in average the participants understanding of the topic increased from not satisfactory – 50%, to good/very good (~75%) just thanks to one session]

Enjoy #DigLitBootcamp webinars and meet EIB Institute, Master Card Center for Inclusive Growth and  EFSE Development Facility who are supporting us:

The EIB Group (European Investment Bank, European Investment Fund and EIB Institute) has a long track record in microfinance both within and outside the European Union.

We help leading microfinance providers, investment fund managers and other stakeholders to increase sustainable and responsible access to finance for micro and small-sized enterprises.

The Institute complements the actions of the EIB Group – mainly through grants and sponsorship – by promoting conferences and other initiatives, and by supporting higher education and research, enabling the development of microfinance in Europe and beyond.

Find out more at: https://institute.eib.org/

The European Fund for Southeast Europe (EFSE) invests in the financial infrastructure that serves micro and small enterprises in Southeast Europe and the European Eastern Neighbourhood Region.

The EFSE Development Facility supplements the fund’s investment activities with technical assistance.

Since 2006, the EFSE DF has been deepening the impact of the fund by providing additional sector support to investees, partners, policymakers, and entrepreneurs. We design tailored projects that provide consulting, coaching, workshops, market studies,and more in order to build capacities and increase skills and knowledge.

Find out more at: https://www.efse.lu/the-development-facility

The Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth advances equitable and sustainable economic growth and financial inclusion around the world.

The Center leverages the company’s core assets and competencies, including data insights, expertise and technology, while administering the philanthropic Mastercard Impact Fund, to produce independent research, scale global programs and empower a community of thinkers, leaders and doers on the front lines of inclusive growth.

Find out more at: https://www.mastercardcenter.org/