Belarus: MFC Partner Republican Microfinance Center Presents the Financial Education National Strategy

The National Bank of Belarus and the Government adopted by a joint Decree the next Financial Education (FED) National Strategy – Joint Action Plan of Public Authorities and Financial Service Providers to Improve Financial Literacy of the Population of the Republic of Belarus in 2019—2024. It is based on the research made by RMC upon the request from the National Bank of Belarus. The research included the analysis of data from national studies on financial literacy and access to finance in Belarus conducted with the participation of the National Bank, MFC, VISA and OECD in 2012—2016; as well as the analysis of the activities under the previous Strategy. Read the analysis

Owing to RMC, some new and innovative approaches were introduced in the new Strategy for 2019—2024, compared to the previous one:

  • Priority target groups were defined as: schoolchildren, youth, teachers, employed, pensioners and unemployed.
  • Reporting, monitoring and evaluation of the Plan were introduced with the provision of indicators for assessing the effectiveness of the ongoing activities.

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