Assess Your Digital Readiness with DRSAT

New technology and digital transformation can spell big changes for an microfinance institution’s working habits, processes, products and services. To unlock the potential of digital tools, MFIs first need to understand where they are starting from. An MFI’s ability to implement large-scale digital initiatives is called its ‘digital readiness’. By identifying digital challenges and opportunities across both internal and external aspects of the business, MFIs will be able to make smarter decisions and implement meaningful digital initiatives.

Wondering whether your MFI is ready for digital transformation? Use our Digital Readiness Self-assessment Tool (DRSAT) to identify your digital strengths, weaknesses and gaps.


The DRSAT uses a questionnaire to present approximately 90 questions on a wide range of issues affecting the digital potential of an MFI, including:

  • Ecosystem and market
  • Strategy, leadership, innovation
  • Technology
  • Data
  • People
  • Products and services
  • Customer
  • Operations
  • Risk, compliance and security
  • Finance and legal

Once complete, the tool creates a high-level analysis presenting an overview of the MFI’s current situation as well as gaps and areas for improvement. The sub-scores are visualized on a radar chart, like in the example below.

To populate the tool with data, typically a range of MFI staff from different departments and organizational levels complete the questionnaire. Upon completion, the overall readiness score is calculated, as well as sub-scores for each area.

Who is this tool for?

Microfinance providers (MFIs, banks with microfinance products, credit unions, other types of non-bank microfinance institutions)

How can you get started?

Click on to complete the Access Request Form, and we will send your unique access code so you can get started.

How much does it cost?

The DRSAT is free of charge to MFC members. Become a member

The fee for non-members is 600 Euro (Exclusive of 23% VAT).