Financial Inclusion Ambassador’s Toolkit

The Toolkit helps our members navigate the financial inclusion landscape and be more effective advocates for financial inclusion.

What is Financial Inclusion?

While financial inclusion is “in vogue” — it’s also quite a vague term. Do we really know what it means? Does everyone mean the same thing? Does access differ from inclusion? How do we ‘do’ inclusion? How do measure inclusion? As more and more actors use the term — it’s time for clarity and consensus.

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How Microfinance fits into European Union Policies?

MFIs can use the European Comission work and programs in two ways:

1. Use financial instruments available to support access to microcredit and SME financing. See map.

2. Use European Commission platform to advocate for microfinance enabling environment.

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Why and how to advocate?

It is both important and urgent that national and EU wide coalitions advocate for ensuring wider and deeper financial inclusion for all citizens. In today’s environment of growing demand for financial services and the imminent stronger dependence on financial services for managing personal finances, it is imperative to achieve greater political and financial commitment to support long-term availability of quality financial services. Vulnerable populations will experience the most severe consequences of failure to secure adequate financial services and they are the most likely to be excluded from mainstream financial markets. As such, advocacy messages must be hard hitting and be designed to galvanize policymakers into action, not tomorrow or the day after, but today.

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