WATCH the Webinar: How an MFI can act best during the time of the pandemic? Learn from the others’ practices & share yours!

MFC and EMN are jointly organizing a webinar aiming to help you cope with the pandemic effects

how to protect your Staff and Clients?
– how to cope with pandemic effects on MFI’s businesses?

In the times of COVID-19 pandemic, it is the most vulnerable who are to be affected the most – our clients. The initiatives are growing in the sector to cope with the effects of this crisis. We have started compiling all relevant initiatives that could benefit MFIs. We will be actively promoting those via our channels, starting with a first webinar focussing on concrete measures to protect clients and staff

First webinar took place:

Thursday (26/03) at 11:00 CET

Topic: How to cope with the effects of the pandemic on your business: examples from the field




Our speakers for this first webinar:

Share your best practices!

Other webinars and publications will follow. In the meantime we ask all of you to share with us anything you have used to ensure your clients’ and employees’ health and economic safety, action implemented, practical solution, communications strategy you introduced, etc.

 share with us anything you have used to ensure your clients’ and employees’ health and economic safety:

  • action you have implemented,
  • any practical solution,
  • any communications strategy you introduced

The topics of our webinars and communications will include e.g.

  • good tips for home office
  • good practises to keep Staff safe
  • good practises to keep Clients safe

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