2021 Edition of the Borrow Wisely Campaign is Open for Applications!

Right now it is just a perfect time to get in touch with us and sign up for the #2021BWC. First step : drop a message to Kinga Dąbrowska at kinga@projekt.mfc.org.pl

You are surely curious of the last editions outcomes – read how it was in 2020!

Why is it worth to participate in the Borrow Wisely Campaign?

  • You will contribute to protecting your clients from becoming overindebted
  • As a responsible lender, you will enhance this picture of your institution
  • Along with 20+ other MFIs and associations you have a chance to unite and this way the message is more powerful
  • Your Clients will appreciate the knowledge they gain from you and remember well your institution
  • You get the materials prepared by MFC experts for free (for MFC Members)

Here you can find the main principles of the Campaign and the most important information about BWC

Read what #BorrowWisely 2020 champion – Microinvest from Moldova  – has to share with you [click here]

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[read the #2020BWC statistics and thank you to all of the participants]

[consult the 2020 Borrow Wisely edition webpage]

Read what the Borrow Wisely Campaign partners shared with us during the evaluation process:

  • All clients are surprised when we offer them additional information and education on wise borrowing – that stresses the positive outcome of the BWC
  • Thanks to the Campaign we make the Clients aware – We are here to protect you –  we tell them
  • The Communications Guide prepared by MFC was excellent, we used it a lot! / was exactly the guide we needed, very, very helpful
  • We were conservative: door to door marketing and information – it was worth to modify it, to go online
  • Advice for other institutions based on the experience of the BWC: find suitable online channels for you and the communication will go very smoothly
  • Main impressions: transparency, we were the pioneers that it is something new we are doing – focusing on Clients’ education
  • The Campaign is also educating loan officers – it is making a real difference

2020 edition of the Borrow Wisely Campaign in a nutshell:

  • Overall BWC partners reached 3 030 286 users through online channels of communication (Each year the results are more and more impressive – 2019 – 1 991 953 people reached online)
  • First time mostly online, due to pandemic restrictions – vast majority of the partners found these shift non problematic
  • 23 institutions participated
  • The leaders with unbelievably outstanding results of reaching the most people online are: Microinvest – Moldova, absolute number one ! Fondi Besa – Albania & Noa – Albania
  • The MFIs organized on-site events (taking care of all of the health and security measures) which united almost 8100 atttendees

Do you have questions?

Contact us! Get in touch with Kinga Dąbrowska at kinga@projekt.mfc.org.pl

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