2017 Borrow Wisely Campaign Results

We are pleased to share with you the final evaluation results of our 2017 Borrow Wisely Campaign!

The Borrow Wisely Campaign is an international initiative to promote customer protection standards and financial education. The Campaign is realised with our partners, which use an opportunity to re-confirm customers care orientation and commitment to responsible finance.

The fourth edition was realized in October 2017. In November and December, we went out on the road to talk to Campaign partners and their clients. We used qualitative in-depth interviews during routine client monitoring visits and phone interviews to find out what happened as a result of the Campaign.

Our success in numbers

When you look at the numbers, there’s a lot to be proud of!

26 Partners from 17 countries participated in the campaign during October 2017 successfully engaging over     250 000 current and potential clients. The evaluation shows that the campaign helped clients to reflect on key principles of responsible borrowing:

79% respondents agreed the campaign was useful for them
61% respondents were able to state at least 1 advice (out of 5 key advices) of wise borrowing after the campaign
91% of respondents declared that they would read the campaign materials later on


Read the complete Evaluation Report of Borrow Wisely Campaign in 2017.

Join Borrow Wisely Campaign 2018!

Want to promote international client protection standards and increase social performance of your organization? Join Borrow Wisely campaign in 2018! This year, for the fifth time the MFC will organize the campaign.

Participation is free for MFC Members. Organizations, not affiliated with MFC can join the Campaign on commercial basis.

Interested in getting involved? Please contact us.